Proud To Be A Family & Locally Owned Kansas City Small-Business.

Our Story

Celebrating 41 Years as "The Sweetest Place in Kansas City!"

As seen on the Food Network's "Kid in a Candy Store"!


Where is Chip's?

We are located in downtown Kansas City in the very popular family destination Crown Center, on the second floor. Don’t worry about getting lost, just walk in Crown Center and follow your nose to the best indulgence Kansas City has to offer!

What are your hours?

We close just 4 days a year: Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving. Every other day is fair game for sweet-tooths! Normal operating hours are:

Monday through Saturday 1000a – 600p, Sunday 1200p – 500p. Hours subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Do You Really Make All That Stuff There?

YES WE DO! 95% of our product is hand-made on sight, each and every day! CLICK HERE to watch our video!

Celebrating 41 Years!

We are a family owned and operated Kansas City based small-business. Since we developed Kansas City Fudge® and opened for business in June of 1983, sweet-tooth's from all over the globe have been treated to a special experience in "chocology". We make every batch of our famous Kansas City Fudge® using techniques that were developed over 100 years ago when the confection known as "fudge" was first discovered. Our beautiful marble tables, hand utensils, and copper kettles are original to when we opened for business 41 years ago, and stand as a silent but unwavering commitment to use the finest techniques and the freshest ingredients. Our 41 year evolution into a nationally (and internationally!) known premium confectionery company has provided us with priceless knowledge and experience in hand-crafting the most tempting goodies you'll find in Kansas City. We offer over 40 flavors of our irresistible Kansas City Fudge®, over 200 hand-made chocolate confections made with premium imported Swiss Chocolate, and hand-roast our very own Cinnamon Roasted Nuts, and spin our own Cotton Candy. We also carry a broad selection of delectable hand-made truffles, baked goods, a wide selection of sugar-free chocolate, and a delicious selection of gourmet bulk candy; all of which means that there's something here for everyone.
chips chocolate factory tours
chips chocolate factory tours