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Caramel Chocolate Mudslide Fudge



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  • Product Description

      Rich, full flavor, and begging for more. Our Creamy Chocolate Fudge with an all-natural Irish Cream/Kahlua flavoring (non-alcoholic) and a splendid helping of Vanilla Caramel chunks. Yes, order this and enjoy with pleasure. 

      Kansas City Fudge®️ Is made entirely by hand from start to finish, the old-fashioned way, with no butter, marshmallow cream, eggs, or artificial ingredients. Each slice is hand-sliced to approximately 1/2lb, individually wrapped in a polyethylene sheet, and labeled. 

      Kansas City Fudge®️ Is a shelf-stable product and recommended to be stored at room temperature, away from heat or direct sunlight. We recommend that any uneaten portion after two weeks (if there is such a thing), be re-wrapped in its original wrapper, placed in a freezer storage bag, and frozen for up to 1 year.